Detroit Lions wide receiver Ryan Broyles drives 2005 Chevy Blazer

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The Detroit Lions' Ryan Broyles knows a thing or two about living frugally. Not only does the Lions wide receiver live on a budget of $60,000 a year, but he still drives his used car from college, a 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer.

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Despite signing a $3.6 million contract in 2012, Broyles is determined not to become another millionaire athlete who goes broke after his playing days are over. He wants to make sure that his NFL career, with an average length of just six years, truly sets him up for life beyond the gridiron.

"Then you know how much you can invest, how risky you can be," Broyles said, as he enters the last year of his rookie contract with no guarantee he'll make the Lions' roster. "Then, when I was hitting the same budget over three, four, five months, it was all right, this is what your budget is and I had some spending money.

"I didn't hold myself back at all on those terms. That's what I tell people when they want to start to invest, I tell them to live your life and see where you stand and then pull back. Don't pull back without even knowing."

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In addition to securing his post-football life, Broyles' budget gives him peace of mind and lets him focus on his love of the game, not just the bi-monthly NFL paychecks. 

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Source: ESPN
Photo: Ryan Broyles/Facebook