Chevy Silverado Steel vs. Ford F-150 Aluminum

New Chevrolet Silverado Outperforms Ford F-150

So, you're considering a new truck. Probably for a reason, right? You're going to need to haul stuff. Whether it's a boat, a tool box, a dirt bike, or a pink tricycle for your daughter, you need it to last without breaking. The Chevrolet Silverado should be your choice of truck in the Ann Arbor & Dundee region of Michigan. Why? Because it is the best - it is the most dependable, longest lasting full size pickup truck on the road.

Consider one of the most important parts of your truck - the bed. When compared to the Ford F-150, the Chevrolet Silverado seriously outperformed. Take a look at these videos to see for yourself:

The results speak for themselves.

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