Chevrolet Oil Changes in Milan

Oil Change

Our service team will always be happy to perform your scheduled Chevrolet oil changes in Milan, but why exactly does this need to be done? We decided to write out a quick guide to fill you in on everything you need to know about this vital service task, so read on for answers to the following common questions:

  • Why Are Oil Changes Necessary?
  • How Can You Tell Oil Needs Changing?

Why Are Oil Changes Necessary?

Most drivers already know engine oil is important, but they might not know exactly why. Just a few key responsibilities include:

  • Preventing blockages and inefficiency by collecting contaminants.
  • Preventing overheating by reducing friction and circulating cool oil.
  • Preventing metal-on-metal contact by ensuring proper lubrication.
  • Preventing corrosion by circulating small amounts of cleaning agents.

Unfortunately, your oil won’t be able to perform those tasks as effectively once it starts to break down and become contaminated. This is why oil changes are recommended at regular intervals.

How Can You Tell Oil Needs Changing?

Oil changes should be performed before oil has a chance to break down and become contaminated, so you should never have to worry about watching for warning signs as you cover the roads of Canton. Simply stick to your manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule and your oil will be checked and changed as necessary.

That said, there’s still a chance your oil will need changing sooner than expected. Warning signs include:

  • Smell of Oil in Your Vehicle’s Cabin
  • Visible Fumes from the Exhaust
  • Sounds of Rumbling or Knocking from the Engine
  • Decreasing Fuel Efficiency
  • Active Check Engine or Change Oil Light

If you’re ever worried, it’s always worth checking the oil yourself. Leave your vehicle’s engine to cool, then open the hood and draw out the oil reservoir’s dipstick. The oil stuck to it should be a clear amber – if it isn’t, you should schedule servicing without delay.

Arrange Your Chevrolet Oil Changes in Milan with Victory Chevrolet Buick

Here at Victory Chevrolet Buick, we’re always available to help keep your vehicle running in like-new condition, and performing regular oil changes is a big part of that. Whether you want to find out more or need to schedule servicing right away, feel free to get in touch.


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