Timing Belt

Chevrolet, Buick Timing Belt Service

Timing Belts – Original Fit is Critical.

Simply put, your Chevrolet, Buick’s timing belt keeps your engine’s valves and pistons working in sync. A broken timing belt will not only shut down your engine immediately but is likely to result in engine damage and expensive repairs. With so much at stake, why take a chance? Have your timing belt inspected at the recommended intervals — and at replacement time, insist on a Chevrolet, Buick Genuine Timing Belt. Chevrolet, Buick Genuine Timing Belts are designed for exact factory fit to prevent belt slippage, and constructed with original premium materials for maximum durability and crack resistance. Don’t put your engine at risk with other brands. With a Chevrolet, Buick Genuine Timing Belt, you can drive with confidence.

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